Catering and More

We love catering your every need!

DROP OFFs – Just wanna feed your peeps, groups of 15-45, we can “Drop OFF” Meals come in foil catering pans, we provide plastic ware/utensils and plastic plates, making it easy to discard after your gathering. We can also provide disposable wire chafers ($20) so that you may keep food warm long after food arrives.

Catering Service NO Servers – Especially great for when food needs to arrive early but kept hot for a longer period of time, and no server is needed. Food is kept nice and hot, kept in warners then set out on chafer pans over fire. Our crew is happy to set up and return for pick up of our equipment 2 hours after your serving time. $75.00 Service Fee

FULL Catering Service – Our most favorite! We love to join you at all your special gatherings and will do our upmost best to make life easy for you!

For groups up to 200, we provide plastic ware/utensils and plastic plates, plus full chafer service and servers for a “fee per hour” rate. We would also love to upgrade your event with Real Dinner glassware & silverware for an extra charge.

We have special pricing available to you for your next gathering, take a look and give us a call 806-678-4673 let us know what you are thinking of and we can go from there! (scroll down for catering menu ideas)

Panhandle Presort, we love Ya!
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